We hope that some of the information included here will help you get the most from your car rental and help you enjoy your visit to Stoupa and the surrounding area.

Driving directions from Kalamata Airport to Stoupa

  • Immediately at the exit to the Airport, there is a small roundabout on the main road, turn left towards Kalamata.
  • After about 250m you will come to another roundabout, take the second exit, signposted Athens/Kalamata.
  • You will come to a set of traffic lights after 2km, take the right-hand turn signposted Kalamata.
  • There is a toll station that will charge you €0.45 and then you join a section of motorway.
  • After about 6km the road turns into a normal single carriageway.
  • After about 2km you will come to a new, small roundabout.
  • Take care negotiating roundabouts, traffic priority is not always observed as you would expect.
  • Cross the roundabout to continue in the same direction.
  • Continue along this road for approximately 3km until the road eventually forks into two.
  • At the fork BEAR LEFT (signposted Kambos/Kardamili/Stoupa/Areópolis)
  • This is now the road that will lead you to the top of the mountain road and then back down again into the villages of Kardamili, Stoupa, and Agios Nikolaos.
  • Take the bends nice and slowly and enjoy the journey.

Driving directions from Stoupa to Kalamata Airport

  • There is only one main road to get to Kalamata and you will stay on this road.
  • Take the bends nice and slowly and enjoy the journey.
  •  From Katerina’s Supermarket in Stoupa you will head to Kardamili.
  •  You will drive through Kardamili and up into the mountains.
  • After ten minutes or so you will see the village of Prosilio on your right. You are on your way.
  •  You will pass through the villages of Stavropigio and Kambos and over the gorge.
  • Soon you will be able to see Kalamata in the distance.
  •  Keep straight on at all junctions, ignore the turning towards that sea at the Fotini Hotel.
  • You will pass a Lidl store on the right and shortly after the road turns into a dual carriageway.
  • Stay on this crossing any roundabouts by going straight over.
  • After 6km of the dual carriageway, you will see an exit for the Airport signposted “TOLLS”, take this exit.
  •  At the toll station, you will pay €0.45, pass through and wait at the traffic lights.
  •  Turn left and after 2km you will come to a roundabout, where you take the 1st exit right.
  •  After approximately 200m there is another roundabout where you take the 1st exit right which is the entrance to the airport & car parking. It is not well signposted and people tend to drive straight past so keep your eyes open.
  •  We hope you enjoyed the journey and look forward to seeing you again on your return.


* Roundabouts in Greece

The rule in Greece is to give way to traffic from the right. Unlike most other countries.

In Greece traffic on a roundabout has to stop and give way to traffic entering the roundabout from the right (Unless there is a stop sign).

Try to observe this rule, but there are several locations and even particular entry/exit points on a roundabout where no one seems to follow that rule.

Proceed with caution and watch what other roads users do. If you are not sure, STOP.

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